Vortek Inc . provides customers throughout the Chicagoland area with today’s best network support services. Our customers look to us to monitor, manage and support their networks as if they were our own. We design, install and maintain your network in an "On-Call" state, meaning little inconvenience for you and greater productivity for your staff. Below are but a few of the key network services that we currently perform. Please contact us for additional information.

Vortek's IT services fall under four areas of expertise:


Network/Help Desk Practice


Our network/help desk practice consists of a company’s network infrastructure
and any PC support needed to maintain daily operations. 
Our network/help desk practice solutions include:

  Network Implementation and Migration
  Network Maintenance
  Desktop Support
  Help Desk Outsourcing
  Permanent Placements

Web Site Development Practice


Our web site development practice focuses on delivering enterprise-wide web solutions
that utilize cutting edge technologies. Our web site development services include:


Creation of web site


Maintenance of current web site


Web Site and Email Hosting  Practice

  Our web site and email hosting practice focuses on delivering fast and reliable
hosting for your business needs. 
Our web site and email hosting services include:

Hosting of web site


Hosting of  your corporate email


Information Technology Training Practice

  Our Information Technology Training will provide your company with hands-on
instruction on basic computer programs and necessary application instruction to
help your company run smoothly. 
Our training services include:

Introduction to Computers


Microsoft Office Suite

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