Vortek Inc. is a solution provider of business information systems
for all-sized businesses, including home-based and professional office operations.
Does your business have a technology plan? 
Where will you be in one year? In five years? 
We can provide the road map.  We will help you plan your technology focus. 
It's not an exact science, because technology changes so fast, but having a good,
solid strategy is critically important to the success of your entire organization .
This plan is flexible enough to be updated to meet the changing needs of technology.
We are setting a new standard in network and computer services.
Our business class services rival any known company, and
our home based services are simply the best in the industry

Our recent projects show the attention to detail, customer satisfaction,
and logical network design we consistently follow. By following a high self-imposed standard,
we make our solutions the best in the business.

It is the Mission of Vortek Inc. to deliver to its customers the highest quality computer products
 and services possible. We are committed to maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.
To achieve this goal, we will utilize all of our resources people, products, equipment,
and capital to provide effective solutions that add value to our customers and their organizations.

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